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Dr. Amy Crissman Head and Eric Knoerr


In 1976, optician Roy Knoerr opened Medical Village Optical Design at its current location in Beverly Hills. Roy was an active member of the community, including serving as past president of the Michigan Opticians Association.  


His son Eric Knoerr began working in the office at the age of 13, helping out in his dad’s optical lab and becoming involved in all aspects of the office.  In 1993, Eric joined him in creating a full-service optical office with a doctor of optometry on staff to provide eye exams.  More than 40 years after starting the practice, Roy passed in March 2020.


Eric took over the practice and carried on his father's vision and commitment to providing high quality eye care in the Detroit area. Then, in September 2020, Eric transitioned the ownership of the business to optometrist, Amy Crissman Head, to create the next generation of eyecare in the area.  With a continued focus on the community and its patients, The Hills Eyecare and Optical was established.  Eric continues to work as an optician with Dr. Crissman Head and the team.

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