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Our core belief at The Hills Eyecare and Optical is that everyone needs vision care, but everyone’s vision care needs are not the same. We’ve made it our mission to provide the highest quality of personalized family eyecare for each patient’s unique vision, eye health, and lifestyle.  

Consultative Eyecare at The Hills Eyecare and Optical.

We have developed a Consultative Eyecare process at The Hills to ensure the best possible experience and outcome for every patient, at every visit. Our Consultative Eyecare process involves 4 steps - Examine, Diagnose, Listen, and Treat.


A comprehensive ocular and vision examination and any related tests are performed using advanced, high tech equipment while maximizing the comfort of the patient.


The exam results are analyzed using the latest research available to determine the status of the patient’s eye health, related general health, and vision.


During a one-on-one consultation between the doctor and the patient, exam results and diagnoses are thoroughly reviewed and discussed. Information about lifestyle and any current challenges is exchanged and treatment options are weighed.


Based on the doctor’s analysis and recommendations, as well as the patient’s input, a treatment plan is finalized.

Dr. Amy Crissman Head Optometrist in Beverly Hills, MI


From certified and experienced optometrists to opticians knowledgeable with the latest technology in lens and frame design, Dr. Crissman Head and the team at The Hills Eyecare and Optical are committed to providing the highest quality of personalized eyecare in the Metro Detroit area.


Phoropter at The Hills Eyecare and Optical
Vision Exams


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Medical Eye Care


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Emergency Eyecare


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LASIK & Refractive Surgery Co-Management


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Low Vision Rehabilitation


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Myopia Management


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Reviews of The Hills Eyecare and Optical


"Dr. Crissman Head is the most patient, kind, thorough and professional eye doctor.  Many years ago during an extensive examination, she discovered a medical related issue with my eyes that several professionals had previously overlooked.  My eyesight was saved because of her outstanding knowledge, expertise and care.”

"We have been seeing Dr. Crissman Head for over 15 years.  If you’re looking for the perfect eye care professional to take care of your optical needs, she is simply the best!"

"Dr. Crissman Head provides thorough, compassionate, high-quality vision care.  I am confident in her skills.  I  know she is up to date on new developments in optometry and offers solutions for my family's complicated optical needs."

Tammy S.

Bob S.

Nicole C.

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